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Briley-glock-slide   #00d Briley Slides for Glock, Many options to choose
glk-guderod   #01a ISMI Captured guide Rod for Glock
glock-wolf-uncaptured-guide-ro   #01b Wolf Uncaptured guide rod for Glock
ismi-glock-recoil-springs   #02a ISMI Recoil springs for Glock/M&P
glk-spring-guiderod   #03a Glock OEM Spring and Guide rod
glockworx-reducing-ring   #03b Glockworx Generation 4 Reducing Ring for Glock
glk-firing-pin   #05a Glock OEM firing pin, for 9mm or .40cal glocks
glockworx-skeletonized-striker   #05b Glockworx Skeletonized Striker for Glock
glk-spacer-sleeve   #06a Glock OEM firing pin spacer sleeve
glk-firing-pin-spring   #07a Glock OEM firing pin spring
LoneWolf-firing-pin-spring   #07b Lone Wolf 4LB firing pin spring for Glock
wolf-competition-trigger-sprin   #07c Wolf competition Trigger spring pack for Glock
ghost-trigger-springs   #07d Ghost competition Trigger spring pack for Glock
glk-spring-cups   #08a Glock OEM spring cups
glk-firing-pin-safety   #09a Glock OEM firing pin safety
lightning-strike-titanium-safe   #09b Lightning Strike Titanium Safety Plunger for small frame Glock
glockworx-titanium-plunger   #09c ZEV titanium safety plunger for Glock
glk-firing-pin-safety-spring   #10a Glock OEM firing pin safety spring
glk-extractor   #11a Glock OEM extractor with loaded chamber indicator
glk-extractor-plunger   #12a Glock OEM extractor plunger
glk-extractor-plunger-spring   #13a Glock OEM plunger spring
glk-spring-loaded-bearing   #14a Glock OEM spring loaded bearing
glk-slide-cover-plate   #15a Glock OEM slide cover plate
glk-slide-cover-plate-orange   #15a Glock OEM slide cover plate half/orange, for small or standard frame glocks
dawson-glock-adjustable-sight   #16b Dawson Precision Adjustable sight for Glock
dawson-glock-adj-FO-sight   #16c Dawson Precision Adjustable sight with FIBER OPTIC for Glock .
front-sight-for-glock   #17b Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front Sight for GLOCK, variety of sizes
front-sight-screw-glock   #17c Front Sight screw for Trijicon front sights for Glock
front-sight-screw-glock-dawson   #17d Dawson Precision Front Sight screw
glk-mag-catch-spring   #18a Glock OEM magazine catch spring
glk-mag-catch   #19a Glock OEM Extended magazine catch
glk-mag-catch-std   #19b Glock OEM Standard magazine catch
THE-acces-mag-release   #19b T.H.E. accessories mag release for Glock standard frame pistols.
jp-glk-mag-release   #19c JP Enterprises magazine release for Glock
ghost-magrelease   #19d Ghost extended Magazine Release for Glock
ghost-magrelease-lowpro   #19e Ghost low profile Magazine Release for Glock
caspian-pin set   #1b Caspian 1911 pin set, in blue or stainless
eb-rebuild-set   #1b Ed Brown 1911 Govt rebuild kit, blue or Stainless
STI-1911-frame-pin-set   #1b STI Complete 1911 Pin Set
STI-2011-frame-pin-kit   #1b STI Complete 2011 Wide Body Frame Pin Set
wilson-rebuild-set   #1b Wilson Combat 1911 Govt rebuild kit, Stainless
sc-sidewinder-racker-unfinishe   #1c Shooters Connection Sidewinder Slide Racker Xtra Long For sideways mounts, Unfinished
briley-slide-racker   #1d Briley Slide Racker
glk-takedown-spring   #20a Glock OEM slide lock spring
glk-slidelock   #21a Glock OEM slide lock
LW-ext-slide-lock   #21b Lone Wolf extended slide lock lever for glock
glk-locking-block-3pin   #22a Glock OEM Locking block 3 pin
glk-locking-block-2pin   #22b Glock OEM Locking block 2 pin
glk-trigger-housing   #23b Glock OEM trigger housing with ejector
lonewolf-connector   #24c Lone Wolf 3.5lb disconnector for Glock
ghost-ultimate-connector   #24d Ghost trigger 3.5lb Ultimate disconnector, fits small or standard frame Glock
ghost-rocket-connector   #24d Ghost Rocket trigger 3.5lb disconnector,fits small and standard frame glock.
ghost-disconnector   #24d Ghost standard 3.5lb disconnector,fits small and standard frame glock.
glockworx-v3-connector   #24e ZEV Race Connector for Glock
ghost-rocket-kit   #24f Ghost rocket trigger kit, fits small and standard frame Glocks.
ghost-ultimate-kit   #24g Ghost ultimate trigger kit, fits small and standard frame glocks.
ghost-disconnector-kit   #24i Ghost standard 3.5lb trigger kit, fits small and standard frame Glocks.
glk-trigger-spring   #25a Glock OEM trigger spring
glk-trigger-bar   #26a Glock OEM trigger with trigger bar
glk-slide-stop-standard   #27a Glock OEM slide stop 3 pin
glk-slide-stop-2pin   #27b Glock OEM slide stop for 2 pin receivers
glk-slide-stop-extended-2pin   #27c Glock OEM slide stop extended 2 pin recievers
glk-slide-stop-extended   #27d Glock OEM slide stop extended 3 pin recievers
glk-trigger-pin   #28a Glock OEM trigger pin
glk-trigger-housing-pin   #29a Glock OEM trigger housing pin
dawson-precision-fiber-optic-f   #2a Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front sight for STI 1911/2011, variety of sizes
fiber-optic-rod-1mm   #2c Fiber Optic Rod, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Violet and Yellow .039" or 1mm
glk-locking-block-pin   #34a Glock OEM locking block pin
glk-firing-pin-liner   #35a Glock OEM firing pin channel liner
glock-barrels-factory   #38a Glock OEM Barrels For All Models
glock-barrels   #38b Briley Match Grade Barrels For All Glock Models
briley-glock-full-profile-tita   #38c Briley full profile Titanium Compensator for Glock
dawson-bomar-adjustable-115   #3b Dawson Precision Bomar Cut Adjustable Rear Sight for 1911/2011, .115" wide notch
dawson-bomar-adjustable-130   #3c Dawson Precision Bomar Cut Adjustable Rear Sight for 1911/2011, .130" wide notch
dawson-bomar-adjustable-115fo   #3d Dawson Precision Bomar Cut Adjustable Fiber Optic Rear Sight for 1911/2011, .115" wide notch
dawson-bomar-adjustable-135fo   #3e Dawson Precision Bomar Cut Adjustable Fiber Optic Rear Sight for 1911/2011, .135" wide notch
Ed-brown-bomar-adjustable-rear   #3f Ed Brown Precision Bomar Cut Adjustable Rear Sight for 1911/2011
STI-adjustable   #3g STI Bomar Cut Adjustable Rear Sight for 1911/2011
dawson-adjustable-rear-sight-s   #3h Dawson adjustable Rear sight service kit for STI and M&P
arredondo-glock-extension-base   #42b Arredondo +5 round extension Basepad for Glock Magazines
dawson-precision-5-basepads-fo   #42c Dawson Precision +5 Basepads for Glock Small frame magazines Black
DP-5-basepads-SILVER   #42d Dawson Precision +5 Basepads for Glock Small frame magazines SILVER
glk-orange-basepads   #42e Glock OEM orange basepad for standard frame glock magazines
glk-mag-extension-insert   #43b Glock OEM magazine extension insert
glk-2round-extension   #43c Glock OEM +2 extended basepad
glk-mag-follower   #44a Glock OEM .40cal magazine follower
glk-mag-follower-9mm   #44B Glock OEM 9mm magazine follower
glock-mag-spring-oem   #45a Glock OEM magazine spring for model 17,34
arredondo-replacement-glock-sp   #45b Arredondo Replacement Spring for +5/6rd extended Basepad for Glock Magazines
pearce-plug   #46b Pearce grip frame insert/plug for small frame glock
caspian-extractor   #4a Caspian extractors, various calibers, series 70!
egw-extractor   #4a EGW HD extractors, In 9/38/40 or 45acp
wilson-bulletproof-extractor   #4b Wilson bulletproof extractor for .45acp
edbrown-hardcore-extractor   #4c Ed Brown Hardcore Extractor for 45acp
edbrown-automatch-extractor   #4d Ed Brown Auto Match Extractor, in 9mm/38s/40cal, and 45acp
aftec-extractor-38sc   #4e Aftec extractor in 9mm/38 super competition
aftec-extractor-38s   #4f Aftec extractor in 38 super
aftec-extractor-40   #4g Aftec extractor in .40cal/10mm
aftec-extractor-45   #4h Aftec extractor in .45 acp
aftec-replacement-springs-univ   #4i Aftec Replacement Springs
aftec-extractor-spring-cap-uni   #4j Aftec Extractor Spring Cap (Universal)
firing-pin-extended   #5a Briley Firing Pin in 9/38/40 or 45
dawson-extended-firing-pin   #5b Dawson Extended Firing Pin
Limcat-extended-firing-pin   #5c Limcat Extended Firing Pin
M2i-extended-firing-pin   #5d Matt Mclearn M2i Extended Firing Pin
firing-pin-sti   #5e STI Steel firing pin standard legnth, in 9/40/38s or 45acp
firing-pin-sti-titaniium   #5f STI Titanium firing pin standard legnth, in 9/40/38s or 45acp
firing-pin-caspian   #5g Caspian firing pin standard legnth, in 9/40/38super or .45acp
wolf-extra-power-firing-pin-sp   #6 Wolf Extra Power Firing Pin Spring for 1911/2011
firing-pin-stop   #7 Briley Firing Pin Stop Standard or Bomar Cut, in blued or stainless
egw-firing-pin-stop-Blue   #7b EGW Oversized Firing Pin Stop, Blued
egw-firing-pin-stop-ss   #7c EGW Oversized Firing Pin Stop, Stainless Steel
ed-brown-firingpinstop   #7d Ed Brown Firing Pin Stop, in Blue or Stainless
Caspian-firingpinstop   #7e Caspian Firing Pin Stop, in Stainless, 9/38/40 or 45
sti-firingpinstop-round   #7e STI Firing Pin Stop, standard round top
briley-19112011-match-grade-bu   #8 Briley 1911/2011 Match Grade Bull Barrel - Many Available Options
19112011-auto-match-grade-barr   #8b 1911/2011 Briley Match Grade Bushing Barrel - Many Available Options
19112011-barrel-19112011   #9 Briley 1911/2011 Barrel Links or kit
19112011-barrel-EGW   #9b EGW 1911/2011 Individual Barrel Links or kit
19112011-barrel-Wilson   #9b Wilson Combat 1911/2011 Individual Barrel Links or kit
coarse-cyl-150gr   1 x 7/8 inch Black Coarse 150 Grit Rubber Polishing Cylinders, Made in USA
utility-brush   1/2 x 2 inch Round Utility Brush, Made in USA
cyl-220gr-blue   1/4 x 7/8 inch Blue Fine 220 grit Rubber Polishing Cylinders,Made in USA
cyl-180gr-grn   1/4 x 7/8 inch Green 180 grit Rubber Polishing Cylinders,Made in USA
cyl-240gr-Red   1/4 x 7/8 inch Red Extra Fine 240 Grit Rubber Polishing Cylinders,Made in USA
briley-barrel-link-pin   10a Briley Barrel Link Pin Blued or Stainless
Jewlers-loupe   10x 15mm SILVER Jewelers Loupe
stainless-steel-solid-bushing   11 Briley Stainless Steel Solid Bushing
19112011-auto-spherical-oversi   11b Briley 1911/2011 Auto Spherical Oversized or Drop-In Bushings and Rings
briley-spherical-bushing-ring   11c Briley Spherical Bushing In All Sizes
12g-dummy-rounds-fiocchi   12 guage dummy rounds
wolf-standard-recoilspring-191   12a Wolf 1911/2011 Government Standard Recoil Spring ****Sale****
wolf-19112011-recoil19112011   12a Wolf 1911/2011 Government Variable Recoil Spring ****Sale****
ismi-19112011-recoil19112011   12b ISMI 1911/2011Government recoil Springs***Sale***
sprinco-recoil-springs   12c Sprinco 1911/2011Government Recoil Springs
10pc-fine-files   12pc 140mm FINE Needle File Set
briley-1911-guide-1911   13 Briley 1911/2011 Steel, Aluminum, Titanium Guide Rods in Solid or 2 Piece!
briley-aluminum-guiderod   13b Briley 1911/2011 Aluminum Guide Rod
dawson-precision-toolless-guid   13b Dawson Precision Tool-less guide rod for Bull Barrels
dawson-precision-toolless-gu-0   13c Dawson Precision Tool-Less Guide Rod for Bushing Style Barrels
sti-govt-guiderod   13d STI Government legnth guide rod
cominoli-tungsten   13e Cominolli Frame Saver Tungsten Government legnth Guide Rod, OUT OF STOCK
egw-tungsten   13f EGW One Piece Tungsten Guide Rod for STI
egw-shockbuffs   13f EGW shock buffers
edbrown-shockbuffs   13g Ed Brown Shock buffers
wilson-shock-buffs   13h Wilson shock buffs, 6 pack
caps   14a Briley 1911/2011 Stainless Opened or Closed ended Caps Many Options!
19112011-rever19112011   14b Briley 1911/2011 Stainless Steel Reverse Plugs Many Options!
egw-reverseplug   14c EGW Reverse Plug for Govt model 1911/2011Blued
sti-reverseplug-5inch   14d STI 5" Reverse Plug for 1911/2011Blued
acculok-reverseplug   14e Reverse Plug with barrel support, stainless
sti-reverseplug-6inch   14e STI 6" Reverse Plug for 1911/2011Blued
sti-open-endedcap-5inch   14f STI 5" Open Ended Cap for 1911/2011Blued
casp-reverse-plug-ss   14h Caspian Stainless Reverse Plug, Government
briley-ejector   15a Briley extended Ejector for 9mm/38super/40cal
egw-ejector   15b EGW Extended Ejector
wilson-ejector-45   15c Wilson Combat Ejector for 45acp in blued or Stainless
briley-ejector-45   15d Briley .45acp Ejector
edbrown-extejector   15e Ed Brown Extended Ejector for 9/38/40cal
allen-set   16 Piece Allen bit set, Metric and SAE
briley-ejector-pin   16a Briley Ejector roll pin for 1911
2011-ejectorpin   16b Ejector pin for STI/SVI 2011 type pistols
briley-drop-in-trigger-kit   17a Briley drop in Trigger Kit, out of stock!!
extreme-eng-lightspeedIIkit   17b Extreme Engeenering Trigger kit, Lite Speed II
extreme-eng-triggerkit   17c Extreme Engeenering Trigger kit
briley-disconnector   17c Briley Disconnector
Extreme-engine-disconnector   17f Extreme Engineering Disconnector
Extreme-eng-racedisconnector   17g Extreme Engineering Race Disconnector
wc-disconnector   17h Wilson Combat Factory Plus Disconnector
brown-disconnector   17i Ed Brown Perfection Disconnector
egw-hard-sear   18a EGW Hard Sear
Extreme-eng-lowmasssear   18b Extreme Engineering Low mass Sear
sti-sear   18c STI 1911/2011 Auto Match Grade Sear
eb-sear-perfection   18d Ed Brown Perfection Sear
eb-sear-match   18e Ed Brown Match Grade Sear
wc-sear-deluxe   18f Wilson Combat Deluxe A-2 sear
wc-sear-value   18f Wilson Combat Value Line Sear
1911-complete-sp1911   1911/2011 complete Spring Kit
19112011-disassemblyassemb1911   1911/2011 Disassembly/Assembly video
Briley-hammer   19a Briley 1911/20101 lightweight hammer Blued
koenig-low-mass-hammer   19b Koenig Low Mass Premium Hammer
extreme-lite-hammer   19c Extreme Engineering Lite Hammer
extreme-litespeedII-hammer   19d Extreme Engineering Lite Speed II Hammer
egw-hammer   19e EGW Lightend Hammer
wc-hammer-value   19f Wilson Combat Value Line Hammer
wc-hammer-light-bl   19g Wilson Combat 1911 Skeletonized Ultra light Hammer in blue
wc-hammer-light-stainless   19h Wilson Combat 1911 Skeletonized Ultra light Hammer in Stainless
2glk19-indv   2 glock 19 hi cap factory magazines
2glk19-indv-sale   2 glock 19 hi cap factory magazines
2glk19-indv-sale-l   2 glock 19 hi cap factory magazines
2-piece-choke-cleane2   2 piece Choke cleaner
briley-hammer-stru   20a Briley Stainless hammer Strut
sti-titan-hammer-stru   20b STI Titanium hammer Strut OUT OF STOCK
egw-xlong-stainless-strut   20d EGW Extra-Long Stainless Steel Hammer Strut
extreme-hammer-strut   20e Extreme Engineering Hammer strut for all 1911/HiCap
upper-pts-kit   21a dpms upper parts kit
briley-hammer-strut-pin   21a Hammer pin
KNS-frontsight-insert   21b KNS Front sight posts
gas-tube   22a DPMS Gas tube Rifle, Mid legnth, Carbine or Pistol legnth
gas-tube-rollpin   22b DPMS Gas tube Roll pin

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